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Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 04:24 pm

I need a pill for patience. This pill should be available over the counter or free to anyone who has children. Right now I'm not needing it b/c of the kids but DAMN!!
Comcast was supposed to call me sometime between 2 and 5 today and be at my house. I just called b/c I haven't gotten a call. They told me someone had been there and I wasn't there. Well no shit asshole. Of course I wasn't there. That's why you were supposed to call me. They have to call a dispatcher in my area to find out if they can come back out ... WTH?? I have no patience for stupid people. I NEED Comcast to fix my shit. I NEED cable. I NEED internet access. The phone lines in my house are SHIT and will NOT support DSL :( And my kids will go crazy if the music channels don't come back soon. SERIOUSLY. OK well maybe not totally and completely but goddamn. I pay $110.00 a month to these fuckers. I would LIKE something to work right!!!!